Welcome to our new blog “Lady Apprentice”.

We decided to start this blog after watching “School of Rock” with Jack Black.   Strange you may think, but it got me thinking about his quote:

"Sticking it to the man."

You may wonder what about that quote struck a nerve with me.  Well, in this particular time in history we look out in the world and see chaos, confusion, war, terrorists, political correctness gone bad, political banner on both sides equally destructive,  high fuel and food costs, higher energy costs, high unemployment, and the list could go on and on.  What does this invoke in ourselves, fear.  Yes, fear of the unknown.  What will happen tomorrow?  The what if’s will drive you crazy.  Those of us who believe in God know everything is in his hands and that we should not worry, but we are only human so we do worry.  God doesn’t drop the book down so we can see the future, he asks us to trust.  Well, I do trust in his divine providence, but that doesn’t mean I sit and twittle my thumbs hoping and praying.  We must take back the fear and replace it with knowledge.  “The Man” is all of those who cause us this fear.  The banks, the political parties, wall street, government, terrorists, etc.,  all of them are “The Man.”

Over this past spring break I started searching on the internet, especially YouTube, and found out all different kinds of information.  How to do things I had not ever thought of.  But in learning all of these things, I started to feel empowered, not afraid of the unknown, because now I know what to do and most importantly how to do it.  That is where this site comes in, I wanted to share what I have learned and what I have found so that others will feel empowered and unafraid.

As I searched, the most important things I focused on was how to save money, how to do things myself, and where could I find the things I needed.  There is a wealth of free information on the internet and we can use it to learn just about everything.  Our focus will be bringing you this free information in usable form.  Some of our posts will be big and others will be small, but you will always learn something to help empower yourself with knowledge.  That is why our motto “Knowledge is Power!” is so powerful.  That knowledge leads us to freedom, freedom from our dependence on those who seek to manipulate and control us and focus’ us on our reliance on God, friends, and family.

Now I will admit, I am a Christian conservative who doesn’t believe in man-made global warming, or whatever they are calling it this month, but I will keep my politics out of it.  Because it doesn’t matter what political party you affiliate yourself with we are all being swayed one way or another to further  someone else’s power and agenda.  We as Americans love our freedom, our country and our fellow-men and I can tell you this, my neighbors are the best people in the world.  Even though we my hold different political views, they would be the first to help in any situation. That is the American spirit that people say we have lost.  Well, I am here to say the American spirit is alive and well here in the heartland of the wonderful United States of America!

So dear friends as we begin our journey to freedom remember this:
If you give a man a fish he can eat for that day, but if you teach him how to fish he can eat forever.
Welcome to the journey and remember knowledge is power!
Lady Apprentice :)