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Another Favorite - EMAS PVC Water Well Hand Pump

Out of all the hand pumps we have talked about the EMAS hand pump is the best because of it's simplicity. You can make it completely with PVC pipe, 2 marbles and some very cheap parts for the handle. As far as I can tell this fellow, Paul Cloesen, created these hand pumps for use in impoverished countries for those who need water. He is really quite inspiring and impressive when you look at all of the simple ways he has designed for well drilling, heating water, cement holding tanks and water distribution.

The EMAS hand pumps are so simple and cheap that I think this would be the easiest of all the pumps we have discussed to make and have on hand. The completed pumps are only 1" in diameter, so I am sure they will fit into most any well and can be used for either shallow or deep wells. The hardest part of making one of these is the enlarging and reducing of the PVC pipe ends using heat and other PVC pipes. Paul makes it look so easy that I am sure with a little practice these could be really fun to make. I can't wait to try it.

Parts of an EMAS hand pump

The standard pump made with pipe fittings shows you how to melt pieces so that they can be joined together. He recommends that you watch the videos a few times to really understand what he is doing, which I found to be helpful. After the second and third time I was finally getting it. I found his plan for making the standard pump with pipe fittings and converted it into a PDF. You can download it here, but it is a slight vague so you will still need to watch the videos. I am hoping to create more detailed directions in the future for each pump, but for now this will suffice.

Here's a taste of how the pump works and what the videos are like:

Each of the pumps listed below are linked to the video of its creation. Each design has its own purpose but they all use the same basic design with a few minor changes.

1. Standard EMAS hand pump made with just pipe - full video - YouTube 4 part series
2. Standard EMAS hand pump made with pipe and pipe fittings - full video - YouTube 3 part series
3. High-pressure hand pump - full video - YouTube 5 part series
4. Large quantity hand pump - full video - YouTube 5 part series

On his YouTube channel, paulcloesen, you can also find short detailed clips for each step in the making process. Click on the name for video.

1. 0 Demonstration of Pressure
2. 1 Parts
3. 2 Tools and Materials
4. 3 Self-made chisel
5. 4 Basic valve
6. 4a Piston valve
7. 4b Foot valve
8. 5 The handle
9. 6 The guide
10. 7 The assembly

The designs call for thread and normal PVC pipe. After my search I couldn't find any thread PVC pipe, but I think schedule 80 PVC pipe can be used for making the valves and footers while the other pipes could be schedule 40 PVC. The handle can be made of PVC or galvanized pipe adapters and pipe. If you watch the first three videos he gives you some different techniques for various parts and on making the handles.

If you check out some of his other videos on a different YouTube channel, EMASbolivia, you can learn even more things. I thought the cement holding tanks looked pretty interesting.

For more EMAS information -

Video Channels:
YouTube EMASbolivia
YouTube paulcloesen
Vimeo EMAS
Vimeo EMAS2

Websites: - Most of this site is not in English so you can get lost very easily.

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